CPLR Article 55 Concept Review 12 Matching/Quick Questions.


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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.




CPLR 5501. True/false? Generally, the Court of Appeals reviews questions of law.

CPLR 5501. true/false? The Appellate Division reviews questions of law.

CPLR 5501. True/false? The appellate term reviews questions of law and questions of fact.

CPLR 5515. If attorney for the aggrieved party dies, is removed, suspend, or become physically or mentally incapacitated during the period during which an appeal may be taken, such appeal may be taken within___days from the date of death, removal, suspension, or commencement of such capacity or death.

CPLR 5516. A motion for permission to appeal must be noticed to be heard at least__days and not more than ___ days after the notion of motion to served.

CPLR 5521. Preference shall also be given to appeals from judgments, orders, or decrees brought under____________________________________________________________________________.

CPLR 5524. A judgment directed by an appellate court must be entered by the clerk of the court__ _______ ____ __________ __ _____.

CPLR 5511. The party who appeals is known as the____________.

CPLR 5512. The adverse party to the appellant is known as ____ _____________.

CPLR 5512. In a civil case you may appeal a ________________ ___ ___________.

CPLR 5513. A notice of appeal must be served and filed within___days after service upon appellant of a copy of order and written notice of its entry.


to which permission is made.

8 days… 15 days



FCA articles 3, 6 (parts 1 and 2), 7, 10, 10-A and 358-a, 383-c, 384,384-b, of SSL.


judgment or order.

60 days

The respondent.

false. The Appellate Division reviews questions of law AND QUESTIONS OF FACT.

30 days