FCA Article DRL Section 3; 4 Quick/ Matching Questions

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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

Khớp văn bản (nhấp và kéo)   


Khớp văn bản

DRL 3, S 1-1. An application for a marriage license made to a town or city clerk, must contain a statment or affidavit signed or________________ by each of the parties, with the following information.

DRL 3, S 1-1. T/F? An affidavit of marriage license must contain the maiden name of the affiant's mother.

DRL 3, S 1-2. T/F? A marriage automatically changes the surname.

DRL 3, S 1-3. T/F? A person under age of 16 cannot legally marry.

Nhấp và kéo



False. A marriage DOES NOT automatically change a surname.

False. A person under the age of 16 CAN legally marry. (Approval/consent is required of Justice of the Supreme Court or Family Court.)