Criminal Procedure Law ARTICLE 180: 9 Quick/Matching Questions.

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match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

Khớp văn bản (nhấp và kéo)   


Khớp văn bản

CPL 180.10. True/false? A preliminary hearing must be held when a defendant is held on a felony complaint for the action of the grand jury.

CPL 180.10. True/false? At felony arraignment of securing order committing defendant to custody must be made.

CPL 180.20. True/false? Superior Court Judge sitting as LCC cannot try and action where offense charged is a felony.

CPL 180.50. True/false? if a felony complaint is replaced by misdemeanor complaint, the defendant must be arraigned upon the new accusatory instrument.

CPL 180.60. True/false? At a felony hearing the defendant MUST be present.

CPL 180.60. True/false? At a felony hearing the defendant has the right to call witnesses.

CPL 180.60.true/false? The court's determination and a felony hearing must be by proof beyond reasonable doubt.

CPL 180.75. Removal of juvenile offender case to Family Court is done pursuant to CPL____.

CPL 180.80. Defendant held on a felony complaint must be ROR if a felony hearing is not held or complaint remains undisposed for____ hours *(or_____hours,________________________).

Nhấp và kéo

120 hours. *(Or 144 hours, if Saturday, Sunday, or holiday occurs during that period).

false. The court's determination at a felony hearing must be by REASONABLE CAUSE TO BELIEVE.

false. he MAY call witnesses IF the court allows.


CPL 725.

False. Defendant MAY waive the hearing.


false. The defendant MAY as a matter of right the present.

false. Securing order can ALSO fix bail or release the defendant on his own recognizance.