CPLR Article 4 Concept Review 15 Matching/Quick Questions.

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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

Khớp văn bản (nhấp và kéo)   


Khớp văn bản

parties and special proceeding

example of a special proceeding

paper served in a special proceeding

minimum time for service and special proceeding

permission of court required to engage in

court makes a____determination

issues must be tried

the party commencing a special proceeding

the adverse party in a special proceeding

a petition in a special proceeding shall comply with the requirements for a ____in an action

the court may grant in ____to be served, in lieu of a petition at a time and in a manner specified.

true/false? The court may sever a claim or counterclaim

true/false? The court, when making a determination on relief requested a special proceeding, they make orders permitted a motion for summary judgment.

if notice of petition to serve at least 12 days before hearing, answer must serve at least___days before hearing if notice of petition so specifies.

motions in a special proceeding, made before the time at which the petition is noticed to be heard, shall be heard noticed to be heard___ ____ ____.

Nhấp và kéo

at that time.




8 days before the hearing time

forth with

article 78 proceeding


petitioner and respondent


petitioner and notice of petition

order to show cause

7 days