Abnormal Psychology Exam 1

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Match the text blocks.

Khớp văn bản (nhấp và kéo)   


Khớp văn bản

definitions of paychological abnormality includes all except

clinical treatmeant/ theatpy



in the 1950s researchers discovered a number of new psychtropic medications except

the community memtal health approach have given a rise to the

in science the prespectives used to explain events are known as a

focuses on the idea that psychological abnormality is am illness brought about by malfunctioning parts of the organism

abnormal chemical activity in certain_______ can lead to specific mental disorders

people have brain structures or biochemical activities that differ from the norm due to everything except

paychodynamic model

faulty ego inflation


clinical assessment

clinical assessment fall into the following categories except

personality inventory


neurological test


positive psychology

advantages of behavioral model

limitation of behavioral model

two types of test reliability

generalized anxiety disorder

according to cognitive perspective new wave cognitive explanations

the biology of anxiety

psychodynamic perspective

anxiety treatment



treatment for social anxiety

panic disorder

cognitive perspective

OCD Related disorders

Nhấp và kéo

reliability: different clinicals are likely to agree on a diagnosis using the same system to diagnose the same client. validity: The accuracy of the information that its diagnostic categories provide a measures what it supposed



ingested antibodies

cognitive theory of certs that abnormal functioning can result from several kinds of cognitive problems all except

improve the quality of human life teach coping skills that can help protect them from stress

used to determine how and why a person is behaving abnormally and how that person maybe helped

drug therapy, relaxation training

for six months or more person experiences disproportionate, uncontrollable and ongoing anxiety and worry about multiple matters

subjective report

A set of values, attitudes, beliefs history and behaviors shared by a group of people and communicated from one generation to the next

involves self observation and careful recording of frequently certain behaviors feeling or cognitions that occur over time

we are of leaving the house

horsing disorder and trichotillomania(hair pulling)

two components must be addresses; overwhelming social fear and lack of social skills

childhood anxiety goes unresolved

provide powerful force in the field and can be tested in the lab

example of psychophysiological test

is a procedure designed to chane abnormal behavior into more normal behavior

metacognitive theory, intolerance of uncertainty theory and avoidance theory

the circuit in the brain that helps produce anxiety reactions imcludes areas such as amygdala, prefrontal cortex, and anterior cingulate cortex

unforseen panic attacks occur repeatedly.

prevention movement

directly assess nrain function by assessing brain structure and activity. designed to directly measure brain structure and activity

to measure broad personality characteristics and psychological functioning they focus on behavior beliefs and feelings and usually based on self reported responses

persistent and unreasonable fears of particular objects activities for situations often involve avoidance of the object or thoughts about it

people have high degree of anxiety sensitivity



no evidence that symptoms are ordinarily occurred through conditioning in behavior therapy is limited to simplistic

biological model

asserts normalorabnormal behavior is determinted largely by underlying unconscious dynamics interacting psychological forces. abnormalsymptoms are The result of a conflict among these forces.

began in 1950s due to the development of more effective paychotropic medication

has continued to be the perferred mode of treatment for those with moderate disturbances