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Science Electrical Matching

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The smallest unit of matter

everything is made from

Every atom is comprised of a __________ and ____________

_________ is positive

the center

made up of protons and neutrons

the outside

are negative

Electricity/Where does Electricity come from?

What is an object or material that allows the flow of an electrical current in one direction?

Metals are

What is a material or object where electricity doesn't flow freely?

What are examples of good insulators?

why are electrical wires in the house encased in plastic?

Who discovered that electric currents create magnetic fields in 1820?

What is electromagnetic induction?

Who discovered electromagnetic induction and when

What led to the created of all modern motors and generators?

what is an example of electromagnetic induction?

flow of electrical charge or flowing electrical energy

moves a conductor in a magnetic field to create an electrical charge via electromagnetic induction

What is the input and output of an electric generator?

What is the input and output of an electric motor?

example is an emergency generator

example is a blender

what are the potential sources of energy for a generator?

energy due to motion or position

a device used to convert mechanical energy into electricity

device that turns due to pressure from an outside source

example: wind turbines and water wheels

turns electricity into mechanical energy

transfers electricity from a generator to a device

what are the renewable resources?

Steps to calculating percentages on flow chart

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Hans Christian Oerstad

electromagnetic induction

plastic is a good insulator

1. add all energy sources up...94.02 2. add up renewable sources...8.832 3. Do renewable divided by all 8.832/94.02 = .093 Move the decimal to the right twice = 9.3%

Input= mechanical energy output= electric energy


an insulator


input = electric energy output = mechanical energy

electric generator

good conductors

steam, ocean waves, water, pressure




When electrons move in one direction we get electric current or electricity

glass, paper, and plastic






a conductor

Michael Faraday in 1831


Electricity is caused by a changing magnetic field.

mechanical energy

moving a magnet in a tube wrapped in copper wires creates an electrical current

electric generator

nucleus and electrons


electric motor

1. solar 2. hydro 3. wind 4. geothermal 5. biomas