PSYC 3004 Social Psych - Emotions


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William James



Richard Lazarus


Magda Arnold

Ira Roseman

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Introduced cognitive motivational-relational theory; that ones appraisals are directly linked to their goals/motivations/aspirations in relation to themselves. has created a two-tiered apprasial approach, the two levels being called molecular ( good/badd appraisal) and molar ( in relation to the self)

Suggested 5 appraisals, that can lead to 14 different emotions. Believes that each emotion has its own cognitive structure

Introduced the idea of appraisal, which are quick, unintelligent judgements used before the commencement of an emotion. Also believes that emotions are adaptive

Believed that bodily changes occur before emotion, and focused mainly on the experience of emotion. Believed that emotions can only be felt as much as they are expressed

Brought about the two factor theory; arousal + cognition = emotion. coined the term 'situationally-appropriate cognition'

Emotions aren't for communication, but due to learnt behaviours. They are blieved to hold an adaptive function. This psychologist focused mainly on the expression of behaviour

Supporter of Facial Feedback Theory - that physiological behavior impacts emotion - ' if you smile, you'll feel happier!'