WK17: Employee and Employer Branding


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WK18: Employers and Employee branding

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Employee branding

Employer branding

Communicative constitution of organisations



Impression management


Digital footprint

Digital shadow

Linguistic capital

Linguistic penalty

Lingua Franca

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Job adverts brand the employer, providing a conceptual framework of how the companyh is perceived by emplyees it wants to attract.

information available through conscious activity

Communication is not something that happens within an organisation, but the very substance throuhg which organisations come to exist.

Thev more people identify with their jobs, the more dedicated and committed they are to the organisation and the better they represent the company. The connection between employee and brand ie. 'living the brand' is greatly influences by controlled communication efforts and deeply embedded in organisational discourses

“a particular way of thinking about a topic or a social interaction”

The process by which an indivuidual attempts to control the impressions others form of them.

a comibination of all the sources of disadvantage which might lead a linguistic minority group to fare less well in a selection/evaluation process generally and specifically in the labour market

entitlements (taking credit for positive events), dissassociation from failure (omit negative events), complimenting the "other", flattering apology, self enhancement, nominalisation

“the process of using words and phrases to establish a particular way of thinking about a topic or social interaction

the information available about you which you cannot control

Languages that are spoken by all employees and can therefore be used to communicate among people of different native languages. The corporate lingua franca is often mainly English, but other languages ca n also be used to collaborate with each other avoiding miscommunication and conflict

the mastery of language and its relations, the embodied cultural capital, which is a person's means of communication and self presentation, acquired from the national culture