Statutory Interpretation Cases


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Whitley v Chappell [1868]

LNER Co v Berriman [1946]

Fisher v Bell [1961]

Farrell v Alexander [1977]

The Maratha Envoy [1978]

Heydon's Case [1584]

Smith v Hughes [1960]

RCN v DHSS [1991]

Grey v Pearson [1857]

R v Allen [1872]

Adler v George [1964]

McMonagle v Westminster CC [1990]

Cusack v Harrow LBC [2013]

Davis v Johnson [1978]

Wilson v First Country Trust No 2 [2004]

Hadmor Productions Ltd v Hamilton [1983]

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Man charged with offering flick-knife for sale in window

A woman argues a credit agreement involving her car is unenforceable

There is a question as to whether the Domestic Violence Act extends to cohabitees

A religious college offers leaseholds but is then dissolved

A man is charged with bigamy

A highway owner puts up a barrier between the highway and a private property

D runs an unlicenced peep show

D obstructs a member of the armed forces within a prohibited RAF station

Man impersonates a dead person to vote

Nurses were not medically registered practitioners so couldn't carry out abortions

C want interlocutionary orders due to their films being blacked by trade unions

A woman wanted to recover a sum of money from her landlord

A will stipulates the passing of a benefit only if someone 'dies without children'

Prostitutes are accused of soliciting despite not being on the street

A ship arrived at a port but could not find a berth

Widow wants compensation for husband's death oiling railway lines