Statutory Interpretation Cases


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Whitley v Chappell [1868]

LNER Co v Berriman [1946]

Fisher v Bell [1961]

Farrell v Alexander [1977]

The Maratha Envoy [1978]

Heydon's Case [1584]

Smith v Hughes [1960]

RCN v DHSS [1991]

Grey v Pearson [1857]

R v Allen [1872]

Adler v George [1964]

McMonagle v Westminster CC [1990]

Cusack v Harrow LBC [2013]

Davis v Johnson [1978]

Wilson v First Country Trust No 2 [2004]

Hadmor Productions Ltd v Hamilton [1983]

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C want interlocutionary orders due to their films being blacked by trade unions

A ship arrived at a port but could not find a berth

There is a question as to whether the Domestic Violence Act extends to cohabitees

Widow wants compensation for husband's death oiling railway lines

Nurses were not medically registered practitioners so couldn't carry out abortions

A woman argues a credit agreement involving her car is unenforceable

D runs an unlicenced peep show

A highway owner puts up a barrier between the highway and a private property

D obstructs a member of the armed forces within a prohibited RAF station

A religious college offers leaseholds but is then dissolved

A will stipulates the passing of a benefit only if someone 'dies without children'

Man charged with offering flick-knife for sale in window

Man impersonates a dead person to vote

Prostitutes are accused of soliciting despite not being on the street

A man is charged with bigamy

A woman wanted to recover a sum of money from her landlord