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1. What is the Ph value of human blood? A. 7.40 B. 7 C. 0 D. 8 2. The rarest blood group is __. A. O negative B. B negative C. AB positive D. AB negative 3. The metal present in the haemoglobin is __. A. Copper B. Calcium C. Iron D. Aluminium 4. Age of fishes was known as __. A. Devonian B. Ordovician C. Crustaceous D. Silurian 5. The metal present in the chlorophyll is __. A. Calcium B. Aluminium C. Zinc D. Magnesium 6. The important sugar in honey is __ . A. Lactose B. Fructose C. Maltose D. Sucrose 7. The number of Chromosomes in the human gene is __. A. 23 B. 48 C. 46 D. 24 8. Viticulture is related with __ . A. Grapes B. Pine Apple C. Orange D. Strawberry 9. Which of the following acid present in Vinegar? A. Citric Acid B. Acetic Acid C. Oxalic Acid D. Malic Acid 10. The longest and largest bone in the human body is __. A. Spinal Cord B. Humerus C. Fibula D. Femur 11. Which part of human body skin has greatest number Sweat glands? A. Forehead B. Forearm C. Palm of the hand D. Back 12. Who among the following had started vaccination? A. Jonas E. Salk B. Paul Muller C. Edward Jenner D. Robert Frost 13. Proteins are consists of: A. Sugars B. Amino acids C. Fatty acids D. Nucleic acids 14. Liver, milk, egg yolk, fish liver oil is the source of: A. Vitamin A B. Vitamin B2 C. Vitamin D D. Vitamin C 15. Which of the following name of scientist and their field of work is correctly matched? A. DNA/Double helix: F. Crick J. Watson, M. Wilkins B. Modern classification of plants and animals based on a system: Harvey C. Bacteria: Linnaeus D. Blood travels in a continuous circuit: Leuwenhock 16. Heart is made up of A. Non-striated muscle B. Cardiac muscle C. Adipose tissue D. Striated muscle 17. Hargobind Khorana's work relates to: A. Synthesis of simple DNA B. Understanding the genetic code C. Reduction of mutation D. Synthesis of RNA from bacterial cell 18. Which of the following corona virus that kills human? A. AIDS B. FAIDS C. SARS D. HIV 19. Digestion of proteins starts in the: A. Mouth B. Stomach C. Duodenum D. Intestine 20. Which of the following acid that is secreted in the stomach? A. HCI B. H2S04 C. H2C03 D. HNO3

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