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Match the text

fisher v bell

carlill v carbolic smoke ball

s.13 soga

s.14 soga

fitness for purpose

hidden defects

fitness for purpose

terms implied by the court

incorporation by signature

degree of notice required

where in contractual agreement

timing of the notice

contra profentum rule

misrepresentation of opinion

trade puffery

concealing defects

opportunity to discover truth

bars to recission

lapse of time

common law negligent misrepresentation

discharge of contract by performance

doctrine of substantial performance

frustration - impossibility of performance

frustration - commercial purpose

damages for breach of contract

duty of care

role of policy

skilled defendants

likelihood of harm

seriousness of harm

practicability of precautions

social utility

causation and remoteness 'but for'

unreasonable conduct by claimant

egg shell skull rule

contributory negligence

contributory negligence - children

ex-turpi cases

rejection offer


acceptance by post

telex and email


past consideration

special knowledge

importance of statement

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hedley byrne v heller

Thomson v LMS railway

barnett v chelsea hospital

vigers v cook


leaf v international galleries

taylor v caldwell

armstrong v cottrell

oscar chess ltd v williams


Mckew v holland

berstein v poison motors

bisset v wilkinson

anglia tv ltd v reed

watt v herts

supply of goods of satisfactory quality

long v lloyd

L'estrange v graucob

adam v linsdell

andrews v singer

brinkibon case

the wagon mound 2

unilateral contract

gordon v selico

Chapleton v Barry UDC

montford v scott

hull v chief constable of west yorkshire

jones v livox quarries

hyde v wrench

bannerman v white

paris v stephney BC

donoghue v stevenson

davis contractors v fareham udc

olley v marlborough hotel


smith v leech brown

the lady gwendolen

dimmock v hallet

aylesbury dairy v frost

cutter v powell

display of goods for sale

ashton v turner

redgrave v hurd

sale by description

priest v last

bolton v stone