Issues and Debates in Psychology (AQA/ A-level)


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Match the key terms to their definitions.

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Universality (General)

Bias (General)

Universality (Gender)

Bias (Gender)

Andocentrism (Gender)

Alpha Bias (Gender)

Beta Bias (Gender)

Universality (Culture)

Ethnocentric Bias


Cultural Relativism

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Tendency to ignore cultural differences and interpret all phenomena through one's own cultural norms

Judging other cultures by the standards and values of ones own culture

Behaviour of men is assumed as the norm. If a females behaviour is different, it is considered atypical.

Tendency to treat one gender differently from another

A characteristic which can be applied to all despite differences in experience/upbringing

Exaggerating differences between the genders

All research can be applied equally to both genders

Research findings from one culture will generalise globally to all cultures

Minimising differences between genders

Idea that norms and values can only be meaningful and understood within specific social and cultural conexts

The tendency to treat one individual/group in a different way to others