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The ball is in your court

To raise a stink

As clean as a whistle

To go green

To quit cold turkey

To bring home the bacon

To upset the apple cart

To catch one's eye

To button one's lip

To blow the whistle

To be out on left field

To get carried away

To play second fiddle

To let the cat out of the bag

To bat a thousand

To nail it on the head

To back the wrong horse


To be down to the wire

To hit below the belt

To learn the ropes

To be out in left field

To have the upper hand

To be out of someone's league

To be par for the course

To take a shot in the dark

To get off the hook

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a guess

To play a supporting or minor role in relation to someone else

to support someone or something that cannot win or succeed

To make the exactly right point

- to spoil someone's plans; to cause trouble

to not see something coming

an expected circumstance

to be completely wrong

to complain in a forceful way; to make something into a big issue

Nowhere near being true, nowhere near doing something correctly

earn money; make a living

to report someone's wrong doing to an authority


to become so excited or involved in something that you lose control of your feelings or behaviour

to do everything correctly

it is your choice of your reponsibility

to reveal

not as good as someone

to stop talking

have a better chance of winning or succeeding

to immediately and completely stop a bad habit

to escape, have responsibility removed

to be right at the end

to attract one's attention

to take steps to reduce pollution and save energy

understand new things

do or say something that is very unfair or cruel