Human Geography - Vocab 1


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Human Geography


Formal Region

Functional Region

Perceptual Region

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Geographic Information System (GIS)


Environmental Determinism

Cultural Ecology


Spatial Diffusion

Spatial Interaction

Nature-Culture Dualism

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an important subfield within human geography that studies the relationship between people and the natural environment

places that share common characteristics

An area derived from people's sense of identity and attachment to different areas

focuses on social dynamics (e.g. economic development, language diffusion, ethnic identity)

the position that natural factors control the development of human physiological and mental qualities

a conceptual framework that separates nature from culture (nature is not culture, and vice versa) and is rejected by many scholars today

on a map; possesses one or more unifying physical or cultural traits

a receiver that gets a signal from satellites and tells your exact location

area undefined by a specific economic, political, physical, or social activity; has a node or central place

the view that people use their creativity to decide how to respond to the conditions or constraints of a particular natural environment

the connections and relations that develop among places and regions as a result of the movement or flow of people, goods, or information

the greater interconnectedness and interdependence of people and is propelled by spatial interaction

the movement of a phenomenon, such as an innovation, information, or an epidemic, across space and over time

computer software that helps geographers gather information about places