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Parent of 3 and a die hard Cougar fan living outside UT County

Basking in the AZ sun now, but once chummed up with Raegan's current bishop back in the day at BYU-Hawaii

1 son in a true sports nut household due to husband's job

Identical twin (think twice we have another identical twin in our midst) this one has authored 22 books

Parent of 3 who once HATED being a JR High assistant principle

Has visited 36/50 states; serves in the Jordan River temple

Loves to travel visits VA a lot, but don't confuse them with a famous character from a 1900's novel

Snowbird who was foreign born and works as an Associate Dean for another institution

Texan (be careful, they aren't the only ones in this group) who once taught Brazilians at an online high school

Once rode an elephant and a dolphin though not simultaneously

Witnessed a rainbow on their baptism day and later in life once saved a duck from a raccoon attack

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Korissa Zollinger

Kim Garver

Anna Greene

Trent Mikesell

Raegan Hritz

Shauna Dorman

Rebecca Funke

Trina Boice

Jason Anderton

Katie Potts

Sita Bell