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I took a welding class the summer before I started college just for kicks. I don't ever use it but it was a fun adventure...and a long time ago. Ha.

I come from a large family with lots of kids. I am the 3rd oldest of 12 kids-all from one marriage. I have a brother who is 20 years younger. It’s interesting having a brother about the same age as my daughter. It’s also fun though.

I can't leave a grocery store without buying a pack of gum. I'm that kid in the candy aisle.

I threw up in the car on the way to dinner for Prom my Senior year of high school. It was all over me, my date, and the car. My date thought it was hysterical. I did not.

I grew up listening to the Dixie Chicks and am really excited because they are performing together again! I am hoping to see them perform this fall in Utah!

I can do the splits. A funny story to go along with that is that when I was 8 months pregnant my teenage sister was so proud of how far down she could do the splits so she showed me. I said Wow! and then did the splits all the way to floor. To this day she doesn't let me forget that I showed her up.

My husband hates math. He failed college courses, has thrown math books, etc. I guess I married my opposite. Luckily most of my kids have loved math so far.

My first concert ever was a 98 degrees concert (I was 11) with my older sister, we even got to go backstage and meet them, although that was probably more because of my sister... I don't always listen to 90's boy bands (I don't really listen to music much at all), but if I do, it is 98 degrees.

When I was in the mission field I bought an ugly stainless steel digital watch. I told my companion, "One day I will have a nice gold watch with a black face, but I'll have to marry rich because I could never afford one." Quite some time after I got home, I returned to BYU. On my birthday, a "boy" I didn't know that well gave me a gold watch with a black face. One month later, I was engaged. That was 29 years ago this May.

I once dislocated my elbow on my way to the Temple and ended up at the ER instead.