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The Six Essential Elements of Geography

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Places and Regions

Physical Systems

Human Systems

Environment and Society

The Uses of Geography

The World in Spacial Terms

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to show how identities and lives of individuals and peoples are rooted in particular places and in those human constructs called regions. What does it look like when you get there?

to study the relationships between people, places, and environments by mapping information about them into a spatial context. Where are things at?

to show how the knowledge of geography enables people to develop an understanding of the relationships between people, places, and environments over time -- that is, of Earth as it was, is, and might be. Teaches you how to get from one place to another.

to identify how physical processes shape the Earth’s surface and how they interact with plant and animal life to create, sustain, and modify ecosystems

to show how the physical environment is modified by human activities, largely as a consequence of the ways in which human societies value and use Earth’s natural resources.

to show how people are central to geography in that human activities help shape the Earth’s surface, human settlements and structures.