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1. Bisect the body into right and left halves. A. Sagittal plane B. Frontal plane C. Transverse plane 2. plane bisect the body create front and back A. transverse B. frontal C. Sagittal plane 3. Plane bisect the body to create upper and lower halves A. Frontal B. Transverse C. Sagittal Plane 4. Consist of the skull (29 bones) the thorax ( 25) A. Skeletal system B. AXIAL skeleton C. Vertebral column 5. How many cervical spine of bones has? A. 12 Bones B. 7 Bones C. 5 Bones 6. The upper right and left extremities (32) bones and the lower left extremities (31) bones A. Vertebral column B. Appendicular skeleton c. Skeleton 7. Which is the thick layer of compact bone surrounding the bone marrow cavity A. Short bones B. Flat bones C. Long bones 8. Short bone embedded within a tendon A. Irregular bones B. Flat bones C. Sesamoid bones 9. Soft spots on a baby's head A. Fontacels B. birth canal C. Sesamoid bones 10. Where two or more bones meet A. Bone B. Joint C. Elbow 11. Fascicle that run the length of the muscle A. Fusiform muscle B. Penniform muscle C. Muscle fiber 12. A muscle to become shorter or thicker A. Contractibility B. stimulus C. Recovery 13. Occurs when muscle is stimulated A. Isometric muscle B. Tonicity muscle C. isotonic muscle 14. Function of muscle, which statement is TRUE A. Produce aie B. Maintaining posture and position C. Perform of a motor skill 15. types of muscle found in the heart A. Skeleton muscle B. Smooth muscle C. Cardiac muscle 16. The most important factor muscle in term of rest A. VOLUME B. Rest C. Intensity 17. Contracting muscle is referred to A. Prime mover B. Antagonist C. Contractibility 18. The chemical action muscle fiber consist of two stages A. contraction and recovery B.Stimulus and contraction C. Contractibility 19. Provide strength without adding excessive A. Compact bone B. Cross section C. spongy bones 20. Perform a different function that includes of supporting weight A. Sesamoid bones B. irregular bones C.Flat and short bones

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