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Krebs 2009

Franklin 2001

White and Bishop 2010

Silveira 2003

Karanth 1998

Alonso 2015

Acocks 1953

Yarnell 2007

Tews 2003

Bond et al 2003

Price et al 2013

Werger 1983

walter 1985

kelly et al 2012

Carbutt et al 2011

MacKinnon and Philips 1993

Macleod 2011

Bibby et al 2010

Jackmann 2002

Altmann 1973

Buckland 1993

Thomas et al 2010

Ralph et al 1995

Dawson 1981

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CMR threatened species

Distance sampling standards

factors influencing distance sampling e.g. weather and observer

MARK programme

Instantaneous scan, focal, sub-focal, and ad lib sampling

Aerial counts

DISTANCE programme

Fire affects small mammals

Camera trapping is low cost and disturbance

Veld types of SA

Perennial plants are adapted to savanna

CMR tiger camera traps

Land use in SA (coal, gold, cattle grazing, sedentarization, and urban expansion)

Heterogeneity increases biodiversity

variability in rainfall and resources determines species distributions

ML should not be used for absolute abundance or density


Distance sampling

Overgrazing increases tree density

Climate and soil (edaphic factors) determine vegetation patterns

List determines relative abundance and species diversity

Annual rainfall and Average temperature

ML is independant of the time needed to collect them

CMR camera trapping