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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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FCA 1088. Where a child is placed or freed for adoption, the case remains on the court's calendar and the court retains jurisdiction until_______________________________________.

FCA 1089. Where a child is freed for adoption, court may hold initial permanency hearing immediately after completion dispositional hearing, but not later than __ days after dispositional hearing. The Permanency hearing must be completed within ____ days of its commencement.

FCA 1089. Generally, court shall hold initial permanency hearing no later than ___ ______ after date which is 60 days after child is removed from his home and shall be completed within __ days of commencment.

FCA 1089. Subsequent permanency hearings shall be commenced no later than __ ________ after the completion of the previous permanency hearing and shall be completed within __ ______ of commencement.

FCA 1089. The local social services district must serve the notice of the permanency hearing and the permanency hearing report at least ___ _______ before the scheduled hearing.

FCA 1089. Court may continue placement until child's ___ ___________ without his consent. Placement cannot continue beyond the child's ___ __________.

FCA 1090. True/False? If a law guardian is appointed, appointment continues without further court order until child is discharged from placement and all orders regarding supervision , protection, or services have expired.

FCA 1090. True/False? "Child" means a person under the age of 18.

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6 months.... 30 days


18th birthday...... 21st birthday.

6 months..... 30 days

30 days..... 30 days

..... the child is discharged from placement and all orders regarding supervision,protection, or services have expired.


14 days