Family court act article 1 concept review quick/matching questions in two separate groups for a total of 24 questions.


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Match the appropriate terms to the definitions. *ARTICLE 1 PART TWO QUESTIONS 18 TO 24.

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FCA 117. Designated felony parts are established __ ______ _ ____ ________.

FCA 119. True/false? A "duly authorized agency" may be a foreign corporation that has a place of business in NYS.

FCA 119. An "incident" or "minor" is a person who has ___ __________ ___ ___ __ __.

FCA 152. A Family Court judge may: 1. Administer oaths, and 2. Take acknowledgments, and 3. Designate an official to administer oaths and take acknowledgments, and 4.________________________

FCA 153-c. A person requesting a temporary order of protection is entitled to file petition on the same day, and a hearing on the request shall be held the same day or _____ _____ ___________ ___ __ __________.

FCA 154-a. In every FC proceeding, a copy of the petition must be served on respondent at time of service of process or, if that is not practicable, at the _______ ____ ___________ __ ____________.

FCA 166. True/false? Family Court records are open to the public.

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Has not attained the age of 18.

dispense with the formality of placing a minor under oath.

In the 5 NYC counties.

First court appearance of respondent.

False. A "duly authorized Association, agency, society or institution" means: 1. And incorporated NYS society for the prevention of cruelty to children, or 2. Any institution supported or controlled by NYS or subdivision, or 3. Any public welfare official of NYS, or 4. An association, agency, society, or institution empowered to care for children WHICH: 1. Is incorporated by NYS law, and 2. Has place of business or home in NYS, and 3. Is approved, visited, inspected and supervised by NYS Department of Social Services, or consents to approval, visitation, inspection, and supervision of the department.

Next day the court is in session.

false. Family Court records shall NOT be open to public inspection. However, court may permit inspection of any papers or records. Any authorized agency, association, society or institution to which a child is committed may cause an inspection of record of investigation and may in discretion of court obtain a copy.