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FCA 712. a PINS male must be under age of______. a PINS female must be under the age of_____.

FCA 712.for a person to be a PINS he was found to need supervision or_____.

FCA 716. the court on its own motion may substitute a______petition for a PINS petition.

FCA 717. A PINS proceeding is originated in the county where_____ ____ _____.

FCA 733. A____cannot originate a PINS proceeding.

FCA 737. Service of a PINS summons and petition must be at least____hours before time stated for appearance.

FCA 744. At fact-finding, PINS hearing evidence must be______, ______, and_______.

FCA 744. the standard of proof required for a PINS determination is _____ ____ __ ______.

FCA 745. At a PINS dispositional hearingonly evidence that is _____ ___ _____may be admitted.

FCA 756. petition to extend PINS placement shall be filed at least_____days before expiration of placement.

FCA 758. In a PINS proceeding a judge may order restitution of up to $______(infants must be over 10 and less than 16).

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Material and relevant

acts allegedly occurred.

60 days


neglect petition

18… 18

Material relevant and competent.

24 hours

Proof beyond reasonable doubt.