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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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FCA 616. True/false? Service commission shall be made as per CPLR 316, except that only a single publication of the summons or other process in only one newspaper shall be sufficient.

FCA 622. fact-finding determination must be based on(what standard of evidence?)

FCA 623. Evidence at dispositional hearing must be (competent?/Relevant?/Material?)

FCA 651. True/false? Generally, FC has jurisdiction to determine habeas corpus proceedings and to determine the custody and visitation of minors.

FCA 661. the FC has like jurisdiction and authority as is now conferred on the __________ ___ ___________ _______ as concerns the guardianship of the person of a minor.

FCA 664. If court conducts an in camera interview ("not in the court") of an infant in a custody proceeding, a ___________ record must be made.

FCA 671. The court may in certain cases issue a warrant (and clerk can issue a __________ __ ___________ which expires __ days from date of issue that can't be renewed from time to time by the clerk.

FCA 611. section ____ of the social services law provides for the appointment of a guardian of a child based upon permanent neglect.

FCA 614. A permanently neglected child is under the age of __.

FCA 617. Assignments in a proceeding to terminate parental rights must be served ___ days before the time stated for appearance.

FCA 624. Evidence at a fact finding hearing to terminate parental rights must be _________, ___________, _____ _____________.

FCA 633.maximum period of suspended judgment (termination rights) is ___ year and can be extended for _______ _______ if exceptional circumstances.

FCA 641. FC and ___________ ________ have concurrent jurisdictions over adoption proceedings.

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material, relevant, and competent

Relevant and material. (The evidence does NOT have to be competent.)

County and Surrogates Courts

certificate of warrant… 90 days

1year … Another year ........" ".



"clear and convincing proof"

Surrogate's Court


20 days