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FCA 516. True /false? Spouse support agreement or child support agreement or compromise is binding upon mother and child only when court approves such an agreement.

FCA acknowledgment of paternity must be reduced to writing and filed with_____________________.

FCA 517. A paternity proceeding cannot be started after the child reaches the age of 21 unless 1. Paternity has been acknowledged by the father in writing, or 2.____ ______ ________.

FCA 527. Respondent taken into custody on a warrant issued by NYC FC must be taken before the court that issued the warrant (if arrested within NYC). If arrested outside NYC, must be taken before_______ ______ ______ ___ ____ _____.

FCA 542. If the court finds that the male party is not the father, it shall______ ____ _______.

FCA 543. Or affiliation must be transmitted by the clerk to _____ _______ _____________ __ _______ (or to NYC Commissioner of health if it appears that child was born in NYC) .

FCA 571. A support order made pursuant to this action shall be effective as of_____ ______ __ ____________.

FCA 527. I responded taken into custody in Albany County on warrant issued in Westchester County must be taken to ___ _________ __________ _______.

FCA 531. True/false? Some paternity trials are by jury.

FCA 531.true/false? Mother amputate her father are competent witnesses against each other in a paternity proceeding and both mother and husband, if married, may testify as to non-access.

FCA 532. True/false? Blood genetic marker tests and DNA tests can only be ordered on motion of one of the parties.

FCA 541. True/false? If a paternity petition and neglect petition filed in court dismisses the paternity petition, the court retains jurisdiction over the neglect petition.

FCA 542. The order affiliation must contain the______ _______ ________ of the declared father.

FCA 548-a.failure to respond to a summons, work, or subpoena in a paternity proceeding can result in the suspension of what types of licenses and permits *(5 types):

FCA 511. The Family Court and___________ court have concurrent jurisdiction to establish paternity.

FCA 516. Acknowledgment of paternity may be rescinded by either party within_____days of signing by filing a petition.

FCA 517. True/false? Paternity proceedings may only be instituted up to the child's 21st birthday.

FCA 521. Venue of a paternity proceeding is _________________________________.

FCA 524. A paternity summons must contain statement that____________________________________________________________________.

FCA 524. True/false? Paternity summons is issued by attorney for petitioner prior to filing of a paternity petition.

FCA 525. Paternity summons and petition must be served______days before the time stated for appearance.

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8 days


Social Security number

Family Court judge in that county.


false. Blood genetic marker tests and DNA tests MUST be ordered on motion of any party or on the court's own motion.

the date of application.

60 days

Upon default, default order of filiation will be entered upon proof of respondent's actual notice of proceeding, and may suspend licenses.

surrogates court

False. Paternity summons is issued by the court subsequent to the filing of a petition.

county where child or mother or putative father resides or is found.


1. Driving license 2. State professional licenses 3. State occupational licenses 4. State business licenses 5. State recreational licenses

FC judge in Albany County.

The registrar of the district in which the birth occurred and in which the birth certificate has been filed.

the state commissioner of health

false. Paternity trials are NOT by jury.

dismiss the petition.

by furnishing support.

false. Paternity proceedings may only be instituted after child reaches 21 if paternity has been acknowledged in writing or by support.