Family court act article 11 concept review quick/matching questions -7 total questions.


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match the appropriate question stems with their definitions/responses.

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FCA 1114. True/false? The filing of an appeal stays the order in which the appeal is taken.

FCA 1115. True/false? Notice of appeal shall be served on the adverse party and law Guardian, if any.

FCA 1121. A transcript shall be completed within_____days of the request.

FCA 1111. An appeal from the Family Court goes to:

FCA 1112. True/false? All family court orders are appealable as of right.

FCA 1113. An appeal from a Family Court order must be taken no later event: (the earliest of the three following situations):

FCA 1120. An appeal is taken from a proceeding where a Law Guardian had been appointed to represent a child. What happens to the status of the law Guardian?

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it continues without the need for any further court order.

the Appellate Division of Supreme Court of judicial apartment where the Family Court is located.

false. The filing of an appeal does NOT stay the order in which the appeal is taken.

30 days

False. All ABUSE and NEGLECT ORDERS are appealable as of right. All FINAL orders are appealable as of right. any OTHER ORDER may be appealed in the discretion of the appropriate Appellate Division.


A. 30 days after the receipt of the appellant in court, or B. 35 days from the mail of the order to the appellant by the clerk of the court, or C. 30 days after personal service by party or law guardian upon appellant, whichever is earliest.