Family court act article 10C concept review matching- 6 total questions.


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These are quick questions from article 10 C that I transformed into matching statements. Match accordingly.

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*FCA 1093. The commission of social services SHALL file a petition within

*FCA 1093. This section lists the contents of the petition which must contain a notice in conspicuous print that if the child remains in foster care for_____of the most recent____months, the agency may be required by law to file a petition to terminate parental rights.

*FCA 1093. a copy of the summons and petition must be served at least____

*FCA 1094. The date for the initial permanency hearing shall be no later than____

*FCA 1095. Parent or child attorney requested hearing to determine whether a child removed from home should be returned. Such hearing shall be held within____

*FCA 1095. if a child is or will be_____

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8 months from the date that the social services official accepted care of the child.

24 hours before time stated for appearance.

14 by the date of the permanency hearing court must include in its order the services and assistance that may be necessary to assist child in learning independent living skills.

3 court days of the request and shall not be adjourned.

14 days of accepting the care and custody of a destitute child.

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