criminal procedure law VTL article 510 Concept Review 4 quick/matching questions


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match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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V TL 510.1. True/false? All of the following may suspend or revoke a suspended driver's license: any magistrate, justice or judge, in the city, in a town, or in a village, a Supreme Court justice, any County judge, any judge of the district court, the superintendent of state police, a police captain and Commissioner of motor vehicles or any person deputized by him.

VTL 510.2. True/false? Revocations and suspension of licenses are always discretionary.

V TL 510.5. True/false? A license or registration and restored by direction of the Commissioner but not otherwise.

V TL 510.7. Revocation or suspension here under shall be deemed an administrative act reviewable by the__________ court as such.

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false. For certain convictions, there are mandatory revocations and suspensions.

False. A police captain does not have the power to suspend and revoke a license.


Supreme court