criminal procedure law article 725 Concept Review 3 quick/matching questions


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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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CPL 725.05. When the court directs that an action or charge is to removed to the Family Court,the court must issue an order of removal in accordance with CPL ARTICLE____.

CPL 725.05. Removal must specify a date certain within _______ days from the date of the order of removal for the defendant's appearance in the Family Court and where the defendant is in detention or in the custody of the Sheriff, that date must be NOT later than ______________.

CPL 725.10. When an order of removal is filed with the FC, a FCA 3 proceeding (juvenile delinquency) must be originated. All court proceedings shall be terminated and all verdicts and orders,other than the order of removal, shall be deemed to have been made by the __________ Court.

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