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CPL 430.30. In NYC counties and counties to have a commission of correction, it is the duty of such commissioner to deliver defendant to the profit institution. And all of the counties it is the duty of______.

CPL 430.10. True/false? Except authorized by law, a duly and lawfully imposed sentence of imprisonment may NOT be changed, suspended or interrupted once term or period of sentence has commenced.

CPL 430.10. In case of an INDETERMINATE or DETERMINATE sentence, commitment must be to_____.

CPL 430.20. Indeterminate sentencing

CPL 430.20. Determinate sentencing

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Commissioner of corrections and community supervision.

The sheriff.

sentencing that refers to a range of time rather than a set period. For example: 1 to 3 years.

the process of a court assigning a set prison term to a convicted offender. For example determinate sentencing would see an offender being sentenced to two years in prison, rather than "up to two years," which would allow an early release.