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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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CPL 420.20. Generally unless court finds undue hardship, it may direct that the defendant be imprisoned for maximum of____days until he pays mandatory surcharge, sex offender registration fee or DNA databank fees. In certain cases, the court may waive fees.

CPL 420.10. Failing to pay a fine for misdemeanor: additional sentence is up to_____.

CPL 420.10. Failure to pay a fine for petty offense: additional sentences of up to_____.

CPL 420.10. Where sentence of imprisonment as well as a fine, restitution of operation is imposed, aggregate of the period and the time of the sentence may NOT exceed_____.

CPL 420.20. A corporation must page fine (when?)______.

CPL 420.20. If corporation does not pay its fine, find maybe collected in manner as_____.

CPL 420.10. Failure to pay a fine for felony: additional sentence is up to____.

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15 days.

1 year.

1/3 of authorized sentence.

15 days

A civil judgment.

at the time of sentencing.

Maximum authorized term of prison.