criminal procedure law article 410 Concept Review 7 *quick/matching questions.


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Match terms to their appropriate definitions.

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CPL 410.90. The court may terminate a period of lifetime probation when person has been on unrevoked probation for at least _____ consecutive years.

CPL 410.30. Court may make a declaration of delinquency where believes that defendant violated a condition of the sentence of probation or conditional discharge. Court must then cause defendant to appear for a final determination of the alleged delinquency. If request is from probation officer, court must make a decision within______hours.

CPL 410.40-410.50. A person on probation is in legal custody of the____and under supervision of the_____.

CPL 410.70. The court may NOT revoke a sentence of probation unless: *(2 requirements)

CPL 410.90. Court may at any time terminate a period of conditional discharge or probation, other than_____ _____.

CPL 410.20. True/false? Defendant must be present if court relaxes or eliminates one of the conditions of probation.

CPL 410.20. When the court relaxes the conditions of probations and the defendant is not present, the court must notify the defendant within_____days of such modification.

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False. defendant must be present when court ENLARGES conditions.

lifetime probation.

72 hours

Court… Probation department

1. It finds defendant violated a condition, and 2. It has given the defendant an opportunity to be heard.

20 days