criminal procedure law article 330 Concept Review 8 *quick/matching questions


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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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CPL 330.10. What must the court do immediately after a verdict of complete acquittal?

CPL 330.20. An examination order orders a defendant to submit a psychiatric examination for up to initial period of up to_____days.

CPL 330.20. A first retention order is for maximum period of______.

CPL 330.20. Second retention order and subsequent retention order are up to a maximum period _____.

CPL 330.20. An order of conditions is valid for.____Years and can be extended for an additional____years.

CPL 330.25. a case where defendant is a juvenile offender and verdict is guilty, may upon motion be removed to the Family Court, except where found guilty of____.

CPL 330.20. Dangerous mental disorder means that defendant is mentally ill and____.

CPL 330.20. A commitment order is for a period of ______.

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2 years

is a risk to himself and others.

Murder in second-degree

6 months.

1 year

the court must immediately discharge the defendant if he is in the custody of Sheriff, or if he is on bail, exonerate his bail.


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