criminal procedure law article 220 Concept Review 8 quick/matching questions.


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match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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CPL 220.15. True/false? Defendant may with consent of people and permission of the court enter a plea of not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect.

CPL 220.30. True/false? The entry and acceptance of a plea of guilty to part of an indictment constitutes disposition of the entire indictment.

CPL 220.50. True/false? All pleas to an indictment charging a felony must be entered orally.

CPL 220.30. True/false? A defendant may in certain cases plead guilty to murder in the first degree.

CPL 220.15. Plea of not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect must be with permission of___ ________ ___ ____ ___________ ___ ___ ________.

CPL 220.50. Plea by Corporation must be entered__ __________.

CPL 220.50. If defendant refuses to enter a plea, a plea of___ _________ must be entered by court.

CPL 220.60. In certain cases the DA may recommend removal to the Family Court. Upon accepting such a plea, such plea shall be deemed to be __ ____________ ___________________ ___________ ___________________.

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by counsel.


a juvenile delinquency fact determination.


not guilty

false. A plea for a corporation DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ENTERED ORALLY. Also for misdemeanors or less may be entered by counsel-with the permission of the court-upon submission of written authorization by the defendant.