criminal procedure law article 200 Concept Review 11 quick/matching questions


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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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CPL 200.95. A bill of particulars

CPL 200.95. The bill of particulars generally must be served by people upon defendant was attorney and filed with court within____days of request for a bill of particulars.

"request for a bill of particulars"

a "request for a bill of particulars" generally must be made within_____days after arraignment before commencement of trial.

CPL 200.10. True/false? An indictment may be filed in a local criminal court.

CPL 200.40. True/false? DA may request that separate indictments be consolidated.

CPL 200.62. Generally, DA may file special information to company indictment of a child sexual assault offender or victim was less than_____ at time of offense.

CPL 200.15. True/false? Indictment and prosecutors information are 2 sister instruments of Superior Court.

CPL 200.20. True/false? an indictment may not charge a petty offense

CPL 200.50. An indictment must contain signature of the foreman or acting foreman and signature of______.

CPL 200.70. True/false? An indictment may be amended to correct a misjoinder of offenses or defendants.

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District attorney


30 days




is a written request served by defendant upon people requesting a bill of particulars.

false. May do so, if petty offense is joinable with crime charged.

False. *It should read, "indictment and SUPERIOR space court information".

is a written statement by prosecutor specifying terms of factual information which are not recited in the indictment.