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match appropriate terms to their definitions.

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CPL 195.10. The waiver of indictment may be made either at a local criminal courtat the time when order is issued holding defendant for action of the grand jury, or

CPL 195.10. True/false? Waiver of indictment may be made in Local Criminal Court, or Superior Court

CPL 195.10. true/false? Waiver of indictment may not be made when offense is class B or class C felony.

CPL 195.10. true/false? For defendant to waive indictment, consent of the DA is needed.

195.20. True/false? Waiver of indictment must be signed in open court and in presence of defendant's attorney.

CPL 195.40. When indictment is waived in a lower criminal court, the district attorney must file a superior court information within____days of the order approving the waiver.

CPL195.40. defendant waives indictment and who is in custody for more than____days without the filing of a superior court information must, upon application, must be____unless there is good cause not to.

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at the appropriate Superior Court, at any time prior to the filing of an indictment of a grand jury.

10 days… Released on his own recognizance

10 days




false. Waiver of indictment may be NOT made when the offense charge is an A felony.