criminal procedure law article 190 Concept Review 12 former quick/now matching questions.


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Match the appropriate question stems to their definitions.

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CPL 190.10. The Appellate Division of each judicial department adopts rules governing grand juries. However, an extraordinary term of the grand jury may be ordered by:

CPL 190.25. true/false? During deliberations and voting of grand jury, only grand jury members may be present in the grand jury room.

CPL 190.40. A witness before the grand jury community unless he has waived immunity, or _______

CPL 190.05. A grand jury is comprised of_____to____ persons.

CPL 190.20. Who points the foreman and acting foreman of the grand jury?

CPL 190.20.who appoint the secretary of the grand jury?

CPL 190.25. For grand jury to indict,at least____grand jurors is necessary.

CPL 190.75. True/false? A judge dismissed by one grand jury cannot be resubmitted to another grand jury.

CPL 190.80. A person held on a felony complaint for the action of the grand jury must be released on his own recognizance grand jury has not acted for more than______days.

CPLR 190.10. true/false?the consent of the Dist. Atty. is needed for a waiver of indictment.

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true. *(exception: sign language interpreter for death or hearing impaired).

a Supreme Court justice assigned to hold such term.

the the grand jurors.

evidence he gives is not responsive to an inquiry and is gratuitously given.

16 to 23 persons



the court.