CPLR CIVIL RULES Article 202 Concept Review 15 Quick/Matching questions.


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Match the terms of their appropriate definitions.

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Match the text

civil rules 202.3. Actions and proceedings shall be assigned randomly to a judge upon the filing with the court of __ _________ ____ ___________ ___________________.

civil rules 202.4. when Supreme Court is not in session, ex parte applications and applications for settlement may be made in__________ court where venue is laid.

civil rules 202.5. papers filed in civil court must comply with CPLR_____.

civil rules 202.5-a. Maximum pages when filing by facsimile transmission is____pages, excluding cover page and card authorization sheet.

civil rules 202.5-b. true/false? Parties added to the case may accept or decline FBEM

civil rules 202.5-b. A party that agrees to accept service by electronic means shall provide the serving party with an electronic confirmation within __ __________.

civil rules 202.7. True/false? Ex parte motion submitted to a judge of said County of venue of action should be referred to court and County of venue unless judge determines urgency of motion requires immediate attention.

civil rules 202.8. Motion papers are deemed submitted as of which date?

civil rules 202.12. Scheduled preliminary conference shall be canceled if parties agree in writing to a timetable for completion of disclosure within_____ months for standard case, or_____ months for complex case.for completion of disclosure within___ months for standard case, or____months for complex case.

civil rules 202.15. True/false? Videotape operator may be an employee of attorney taking the deposition.

civil rules 202.21. No action or special proceeding shall be deemed ready for trial or inquest unless there is first filed a _____ __ _______ _______________ __ _ ______________________ __ __________________.

civil rules 202.21. The note of issue and certificate of readiness must be filed within_____days of their service, along with payment of the required calendar fee.

civil rules to 202.22.calendar for conference of cases in which a note of issue and certificate of readiness have not yet been filed is known as a_____________ _______________ calendar.

civil rules 202.42. Judges are encouraged to order__________ trial of the issues of liability and damages.

civil rules 202.52. Receivers shall file with court and accounting at least_______ __ ______.

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preliminary conference <calendar>.

12… 15

note of issue accompanied by a certificate of readiness.

return date.


10 days

50 pages

Once a year.




24 hours.

A request for judicial intervention.