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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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CPLR 4301. A referee to determine an issue to perform an act cannot:1. Relieve himself of his duties 2. Appoint a successor 3.______________.

CPLR 4312. True/false? A court may designate any number of referees in the case.

CPLR 4312. When parties designate the referee, they may designate how many referees?

CPLR 4312. True/false? in a non-matrimonial action, a court clerk may serve as referee.

CPLR 4312. The following cannot serve as referees: 1 court clerk or clerk (an uncontested matrimonial action may be appointed by administrative judge to serve without fee for purpose of hearing and reporting to court). 2. Secretary stenographer to a judge 3. Partner or clerk of attorney OR party occupying same office as attorney 4. A judge in the same court as he is sitting, except________________.

CPLR 4313. Generally, a referee must schedule first hearing date within__ days of order of reference.

CPLR 4316. True/false? A majority of referees may decide a question.

CPLR 4318.a referee shall file his decision within___ days after the matters finally submitted.

CPLR 4320. True/false? Reference report shall conduct trial in same manner as a court trying an issue without a jury.

CPLR 4320. a referee must file report (and transcript of testimony and exhibits) within___ days after matter is finally submitted.

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20 days

3. Adjudge any person except witness in front of him guilty of contempt.

30 days



False. Court can designate 1 or 3 referees.

any number of referees