CPLR Article 42 Concept Review 6 Matching/Quick Questions.


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Matched terms to their appropriate definitions.

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CPLR 4211. true/false? The court shall decide all issues not required to be tried by jury.

CPLR 4212. Court, upon motion of any party or on its own motion, may submit an issue of fact to advisory jury or, on a showing of some exceptional condition requiring it on matters of account, to referee to__.

CPLR 4201. A referee to inquire and report may (3 things)

CPLR 4213. true/false? the deicision of the court must be in writing.

CPLR. 4213. Generally, the decision of the court shall be rendered within _____ days after the cause or matter is finally submitted.

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false. The court shall decide any issue required to be tried by a jury unless it is referred to a referee to determine pursuant to CPLR 4317.

1. isssue subpoenaes 2. administer oaths 3. direct parties to engage and permit disclosure.

False. May be oral or in writing.

60 days