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Group 3 of 3; question 21 through 20: Match the terms to their appropriate definitions: 20 questions.

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CPLR 312 a. True/false? Service by mail (CPLR 312 a) can be done by plaintiff or any other person.

CPLR 312 a. Acknowledgment of receipt (CPLR 312 a) must be mailed or delivered within __days of receipt.

CPLR 312 a. Answer (CPLR 312 a)must be filed within __ after signed acknowledgment is mailed or delivered to sender.

CPLR 316. True/false? A court order is needed for service by publication.

CPLR 316. Summarize service by publication requirements (CPLR 316).

CPLR 317. A person not served by personal delivery has up to__year (s) after he discovers default judgment to come in and defend action (but no more than 5 years after entry of judgment).

CPLR 320. When summonses is served by personal delivery within NYS, defendant has__days after such delivery to answer.

CPLR 320. Way summonses served by other than personal delivery, (except 312 a) defendant has__days after service is complete answer.

CPLR 321. A corporation and voluntary association must appear by_________.

CPLR 311. The server Corporation, you can serve an officer, director, manager, cashier (Treas.), assistant cashier, or______.

CPLR 304. What commences in action?

CPLR 304. True/false? The service of a notice of petition commences a special proceeding.

CPLR 304. True/false? Filing under this section means delivery of the summons with notice or summons and complaint to the clerk of the court.

CPLR 304. True/false? At the time of filing the petition and notice of petition, the clerk is required to date stamp the original papers, but not copies thereof.

CPLR 304. A filing is by fax, clerk must return a date stamped copy of____________ and the index number.

CPLR 304. If filing is by electronic means, clerk must notify filing party of_____ ________ and date and time of filing.

CPLR 305. A summons shall specify: (4 things)

CPLR 305. True/false? In a consumer credit transaction,County residents of defendant (if within NYS) and County were transaction took place (if within the state) must appear on the summons.

CPLR 305. A _____________ ______________ is used to bring a new party into an action.

CPLR 306 b. In a Supreme Court case, generally service must be made within ___ days after filing summons and complaint.

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false. Clerk must stamp original AND one copy.

30 days


index number

120 days

supplemental summons

false. Generally, the FILING of the petition commences a special proceeding.

first publication shall be made within 30 days after order is granted. 2 newspapers, at least 1 in the English language, at least 1 in each of 4 consecutive weeks. Service is complete on a 28th day after the day of first publication. (In matrimonial actions, 1 newspaper at least in each of 3 consecutive weeks. Mailing of summons to person served is also required in matrimonial actions). Services complete on the 21st day after first publication.

false. Definition of "" includes payment to the court of the required fee. ALSO, where court finds that immediate filingcannot be done, SIGNING by the court of an order requiring filing at specified date and time within 5 days of signing of the order commences to action.

30 days



The first page of the papers

1. Bases of venue 2. Residents of plaintiff (if based on residence) 3. Index number 4. Date filed with clerk



20 days

20 days

1 *-but no more than FIVE years after judgment is entered).

Generally the filing of the summons and complaint (or summons with notice). (A special proceeding is commenced by the filing of the petition.)