CPLR Article 22 Concept Review *2 Groups of Quick / Matching Questions - 15 questions each = 30 in total.


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Group 1: the chart*(five questions) plus questions 1 through 10; match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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Match the text

least number of days before hearing for motion to be served

if a motion is served 8 days before, answering affidavits must be serve at least____days before

Moshe serve 16 days before hearing, answering affidavits must be served at least____days before

An order determining a provisional remedy must be made within_____days of submission of order for decision.

An order to determine the final remedy must be made within_______ days of submission of order for decision.

CPLR 2201. MAY/MUST? Generally, the court in which an action is pending may/must grant a stay of proceedings in a proper case, upon such items as maybe just.

CPLR 2211. A motion is an application for an _______.

CPLR 2212. The _______ ______________ __ ____ ________ may make rules for hearing Supreme Court motions in the County Court (where no Supreme Court trial term or special term is in session in that County).

CPLR 2213. An ex parte motion in the County Court action may be made without notice before a motion term of the County Court, or before the county judge out of court in ____ _________ __ _____ __________.

CPLR 2213. Generally, if no motion term is being held and judges available, motions may be made in Supreme Court or, upon order to show cause granted by Supreme Court Justice, before a Supreme Court judge out-of-court in the judicial district where the action is tribal, or in an_________ County with actions triable.

CPLR 2214. Each party shall furnish to the court all papers served __ him.

CPLR 2214. In order to show cause in an article 70 proceeding must be served on defendants/respondents body or officers and___ _____________ __________ _____________ in County in which venue of action is designated.

CPLR 2219. True/false? Court may order that issue of fact in the motion be tried separately by the court or referee.

CPLR 2219. An order on a motion made on supporting papers must be in writing and must have________ of papers used in the motion.

CPLR 2219. Appellate court order may be signed by ________ or______ ________ and absence or disability of the judge.

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chief administrator of the courts

Clerk… Deputy Clerk

20 days


An assistant attorney general

60 days


8 days



2 days *8-2 rule


Any county in the state.

7 days