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Match the appropriate term to their definitions.

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CPLR 2001. The court may or must at any stage of an action permit a mistake, omission, defect or irregularity to be corrected, upon such terms as may be just.

CPLR 2001. True/false? If a substantial right of a party is not prejudiced, the mistake, omission, defect irregularity shall be disregarded

CPLR 2003. Generally, IF a substantial right of a party has been prejudiced,a judge MAY set aside within____year a judicial sale made pursuant to a judgment or order if it fails to comply with the civil practice Law and rules as to notice, time, or manner of sale.

CPLR 2001. True/false? Mistakes or omissions can be disregarded: 1. Only before trial? OR 2. At any time?

CPLR 2004.True/false? The court can in any case extend the time for doing any act.

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False. (The court cannot extend the statute of limitations).

at any time

1 year