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CPLR 2. Action on a contract

CPLR 2. Action for personal injury

CPLR 2. Action to recover interest or bond issued by NYS

CPLR 2. Proceeding against a body officer (article 78)

CPLR 2. Action for medical malpractice (general rule)

CPLR 2. Action upon an arbitration award

CPLR 2. Action on residential rent overcharge

CPLR 2. Action for which no S/L is prescribed

CPLR section 211. Action on a money judgment (extended IF debtor or his representative makes partial payment)

CPLR section 211. Action by state for real property

CPLR section 211. Action by grantee of state for real property

CPLR section 211. Action for support, alimony, or maintenance based upon default in payment

CPLR section 212. Action to recover real property or possessions, we cover letters patent after Patton declared void, recover real property at the grant is declared void, redeem real property from a mortgage, and victim of sex trafficking, compelling prostitution, or labor trafficking

CPLR section 213-b. Action by victim of a criminal offense after conviction of the crime.

CPLR section 213-c. Action to recover damages resulting from specified sex crimes (criminal action NOT required)

CPLR section 214. Action for nonpayment of money collected on an execution, four penalty created by statute, to recover chattel, for injury to property, for malpractice, other than medical, dental or podiatric malpractice, to annul the marriage on the ground of fraud

CPLR section 213. Action on a contract, action on a sealed instrument on bond or note, action on mortgage upon real property, action based on a mistake

CPLR section 215. Action against the sheriff, Karner, or Constable, against an officer for escape of a prisoner, to recover damages for assault, battery, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, libel, slander, false words causing special damages, or a violation of the right to privacy under civil rights law, to enforce a penalty created by statute given to any person who prosecute, to recover interest overcharge, by tenant pursuant to the real property law.

CPLR section 214-b. action to recover damages resulting from exposure to (agent orange) - Vietnam

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20 years

3 years

*7 years space-*must be commenced within 7 years of date of the crime. *Exception: 10 years after conviction of crime specified in executive floor 632 a, 1 (e)

6 years

4 years

5 years -*IF a criminal action was commenced for specified sexual offenses, the plaintiff shall have 5 years from termination of cruel action to commence the civil action, regardless of expiration of. Commenced a civil action.

6 years

2 years (from discovery)

1 year

20 years -*good for 10 years and can be extended for another 10 years

4 months

1 year

2 1/2 years *(exception: 1 year after discovery of foreign object in body)

20 years

3 years

20 years

10 years

6 years

20 years