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match terms to their appropriate definitions.

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Guardian ad litem

infidel must be served

may appear for an infant

infant *regarding fees

CPLR 1207. Upon motion, the court can order settlement of an action commenced by or on behalf of an infant, incompetent or conservatee. If NO action has been commenced, the____ ____for settlement purposes may be commenced in Supreme Court (or County Court if Supreme Court is not available in County where action is triable).

CPLR 1209. A controversy involving an infant, incompetent, or conservatee shall not be submitted to arbitration except pursuant to a court order made upon application of the representatives of such infant,____, ___ ____.

CPLR 1210. true/false? when the court appointed guardian for an infant, the court must require that an undertaking be deposited.

CPLR 1210. True/false? When the court-appointed guardian for an infant, the court may order that money of infant be deposited in governmental bonds or insured accounts.

CPLR 1210. When the court appoint a guardian for an infant, the garden shall file a certified copy of the order of appointment with the____court in the county of appointment.

CPLR 1206.if the value of the property does not exceed $_____, the court may order the property distributed to person with whom infant, and competent or conservatee resides for infant's use and benefit.

CPLR 1208. IS/IS NOT? If infant IS/IS NOT represented by an attorney, an attorney for an adverse party may prepare settlement papers and attorney shall state the fact.

CPLR 1210. If the infant is_____or more, the court MUST examine him as to his voluntary nomination of a suitable guardian.

CPLR 1201. may/must? The court MAY/MUST appoint a guardian ad litem for an adult incapable of adequately prosecuting or defending his rights.

CPLR 1202. In addition to serving person based legally responsible for infant, that if it must also be served if he is MORE than ____ years of age.

CPLR 1203. NO default judgment may be entered against an infant or incompetent unless his representative has appeared in action or____days have passed since appointment of a guardian ad litem.

CPLR 1205. shall/shall not? Infant, incompetent or conservatee child/shall not be liable for costs unless court orders otherwise.

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false. The court may require that an undertaking be deposited, or may dispense with this requirement.

infant over the age of 14




Shall not

Is not

adult spouse residing with infant (if infant is married).

Special proceeding


represents an infant during a case

Incompetent, or conservatee.

not liable for costs unless the court orders otherwise