CPLR Article 11 Concept Review 16 Matching/Quick Questions.


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match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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Match the text

CPLR 1103. Recovery by poor person shall be paid to clerk of court where the _____ to await distribution pursuant to court order.

CPLR 1102. May/must? The court is poor person in order_____assign an attorney.

CPLR 1102. May/must? A poor person__is_submit typed briefs or appendices to the appellate court. (Does not have to submit printed briefs.)

CPLR 1102. True/false? A poor person is always liable for costs.

CPLR 1101. True/false? In no event shall it may be prohibited from proceeding for the reason that he has no assets and no means by which to pay the initial partial filing fee.

CPLR 1101. true/false? person represented by legal aid Society is automatically granted poor person status.

CPLR 1101 (f). eligible inmates may commence an action by paying a reduced filing fee of not less than_____dollars nor more than_____dollars.

CPLR 1102. recovery by a poor person shall be paid to_____.

CPLR 1101. True/false? Permission to proceed as poor person may only be granted by court where action is triable.

CPLR 1101. True/false? A party who earns $300 or more per week is not eligible for poor person status.

CPLR 1101. If application for poor person is denied in Supreme Court, action will be dismissed if he is not paid within____days.

CPLR 1101. True/false? A motion is needed for a person to be allowed to proceed as a poor person.

if a person is represented by a legal aid Society

reduce fee for inmates

recovery by poor person MAY/MUST? Be paid to clerk of the court where the poor person order was entered to weight distribution pursuant to court order

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a motion for poor person relief is not required

not less than $15 nor more than $50

False. NO minimum amount is specified in the law.

120 days.


false. May also be granted by court where appeal has or will be taken.

false. An affidavit (instead of a motion) may be filed in certain cases.

poor person order was entered

False. A poor person is NOT liable for costs or fees unless he recovers monies as a result of action.


the clerk of court where poor person order was entered (for distribution as per court order).



15… 50