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CPLR 1003. True/false? Misjoinder of parties is not ground for a dismissal of an action.

CPLR 1006. A_____________ is a person exposed to multiple liability as a result of adverse claims.

CPLR 1006. Defendant stakeholder may bring in a claimant who is not a party by filing a summons and__________ _____________.

CPLR 1007. Third-party summons and complaint and all prior pleadings shall be served upon the third-party defendant within____days of filing.

CPLR 1007. Defendant serving a third-party complaint shall be styled the _______ ________ _________ and the person so served shall be styled a ________ _________ _____________.

CPLR 1013. A person may intervene___ ____________ when the person's claim or defense and the main action have a common question of law or fact.

CPLR 1022. Upon the substitution of a party in an action, the time for taking procedural steps is extended until____days after substitution is made.

CPLR 1012. When constitutionality of a state statute, rule or regulation is involved in an action in which state is not a party,___________ _____________ shall be notified and permitted to intervene.

CPLR 1012. Where public retirement benefits are at issue in an action, the court shall notify the____________ who shall be permitted at his discretion to intervene or file an amicus curiae.

CPLR 1024. True/false? A party may proceed against an unknown party by designating so much of his name and identity as is known. Example: James Madison versus David "Doe".

CPLR 1025. True/false? Do a more persons conducting a business as a partnership may sue or be sued in partnership name, and actions may be brought by or against Pres. or treasurer of an unincorporated association on behalf of Association.

CPLR 1026. In any proceeding to review the determination to review a determination of the chief judge of the Court of Appeals, of the Court of Appeals or of the misery of board of the courts, made pursuant to 7-A of the judiciary law or section of article 6 of the New York State Constitution, the only proper party to be named therein shall be the ______ ______________ ___ ____ ___________, in his representative capacity.

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15 days

By permission


third-party plaintiff … third-party defendant.

chief administrator of the courts

Interpleader complaint

Attorney General

120 days