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Match the appropriate terms to their definitions.

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Match the text

CPLR 102. Rules may be amended, rescinded, or addition adopted by an act of________.

CPLR 103. All civil proceedings shall be prosecuted in the form of a(n) __________.

CPLR 103. true/false? Generally, if a proceeding is brought in an improper form, the court shall dismiss the preceding.

CPLR 104. true/false? The CPLR shall be strictly construed.

CPLR 105. the parties in and action are termed _________ and_________.

CPLR 105. the parties in a special proceeding are termed_________ and________.

CPLR 105. the word__________ include a party prosecuting and defending an action in person.

CPLR 105. as used in the CPLR, the word "clerk" in supreme and County Court means clerk of______ __ ____ ___________.

CPLR 105. which refers to an action: summons and complaint? Or petition and notice of petition?

CPLR 105. In a consumer credit transaction,credit is extended to individuals for personal,________, or household purposes.

CPLR 105. a domestic corporation as a corporation created under NYS laws, or located in NYS and created under the laws of____ _________ __________.

CPLR 105. a garnishee is a person owes a debt to a judgment_________.

CPLR 105. An INFANT is a person who has not attained the age of___.

CPLR 105. A judgment can be final or_____________.

CPLR 105. A "judgment____________" is a person in whose favor a money judgment is entered or a person who is entitled to enforce it.

CPLR 105. A "judgment__________" is a person against whom a money judgment is entered.

CPLR 105. true/false? "Domestic Corporation" means a corporation created under the laws of a state other than NYS.

CPLR 107. The ________ ________________shall have the power to adopt, amend, and rescind an appendix of forms.

CPLR 105. SHERIFF, and is used in CPLR shall also mean "__________" as defined in New York City Civil Court Act.

CPLR 101. Generally,the CPLR applies in all civil and criminal proceedings.

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an action.



the United States.


plaintiff and defendant

petitioner and respondent


false. "… in CIVIL proceedings. Sections of the CPLR apply in other courtsonly when the procedures of that court specifically state that the CPLR applies.

clerk of the county.

false. "…" LIBERALLY construed.


Summons and complaint

state administrator

False. The court if it has obtained jurisdiction, shall make wha tever order is required for its proper prosecution.



the NYS legislature