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Roscorla v Thomas [1842]

Lampleigh v Braithwaite [1615]

Pao On v Lao Yiu Long [1980]

Chappell v Nestle [1960]

White v Bluett [1853]

Collins v Godefroy [1831]

Ward v Byham [1956]

Shadwell v Shadwell [1860]

Stylk v Myrick [1809]

Williams v Roffey [1990]

Pinnel [1602]

Foakes v Beer [1884]

Re Selectmove [1995]

Central London Property Trust v High Trees House [1947]

Hughes v Metropolitan Railway [1877]

D&C Builders v Rees [1965]

Combe v Combe [1951]

Collier v P and MJ Wright [2008]

Walton Stores v Maher [1988]

Baird Textile Holdings v M&S [2001]

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Case involving tenant having to do up house but also nogotiating for sale of it

Debtor pays part of debt but is sued for remainder of it

D kills a man and promises money to C after he secures a pardon

C has sold clothes to D for over 30 years when orders stop

Payment plan agreed on for court fees that doesn't take into account interest

Agreement made on part payment for debt split between three men

While noegotiating sale of land, encourages other party to begin demolition while keeping options open

D contractor, C sub-contactor. C running late and promised extra money by D for completion

Father lends son money, saying he need not repay it if he stops complaining. F dies and s is sued by executor of estate to repay.

Tax case in which company wanted to pay debts in installments

Parents split, father agrees to pay maintenance to mother for daughter, but wants to stop when she remarries

D offers to pay C for testimony but C called to testify in court anyway

Couple try and not pay builders full due

Husband says he will pay wife £100 but changes his mind

Seller promises a vicious horse is sound after concluding the sale

Man engaged and uncle promises to pay £150 a year.

Owner of flats agrees to let leaseholder pay reduced rent during ww2

Crew desert and captain promises the other crew members their pay

Complex case concerning sale of shares