Civil Air Patrol Chain of Command


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Match the Position to the Staff Member

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Commander in Chief

Vice President of the United States

Secretary of Defense

Secretary of the Air Force

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Air Force Chief of Staff

Air Compat Command Commander

First Air Force Commander

CAP-USAF Commander

National Commander, Civil Air Patrol

Commander, Great Lakes Region

Command Chief Master Sergeant, Great Lakes Region

Commander, Ohio Wing

Commander, Group VII

Squadron Commander, Squadron 706

Deputy Commander, Squadron 706

Safety Officer, Squadron 706

Cadet Programs Officer, Squadron 706

Supply Oficer, Squadron 706

Aerospace Officer, Squadron 706

Finance Officer, Squadron 706

Admin/Personnel Officer, Squadron 706

Character Develpment Officer, Squadron 706

ES Officer/Comm Officer, Squadron 706

ES Training Officer, Squadron 706

Internet Technology Officer, Squadron 706

Cadet First Sergeant, Squadron 706

Cadet Flight Sergeant, Squadron 706

Cadet 1st Element Leader, Squadron 706

Cadet 2nd Element Leader, Squadron 706

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2d Lt Shannon MacKellar, CAP

Lt Col Mark Swigart, CAP

Lt Gen R. Scott Williams, USAF

General Joseph F. Dunford Jr., USMC

Maj Justin MacKellar, CAP

President Donald Trump

Lt Col Mark Swigart, CAP

Maj Gen Mark E. Smith, CAP

2d Lt Frank Scott, CAP

2d Lt Shannon MacKellar, CAP

Honorable Heather Wilson

Honorable Mike Pence

Col David Jennison, CAP

2d Lt Frank Scott, CAP

Capt Nancy Nottingham, CAP

C/SSgt Sam Nutter, CAP

CMSgt Henry Dotson, CAP/USAF RET

C/SMSgt Ian Alexander, CAP

Maj John Jackson, CAP

C/Amn Chase Nutter, CAP

Gen Herbert J. "Hawk" Carlisle, USAF

Gen David L. Goldfein, USAF

Capt Seth Nottingham, CAP

Capt Beth McGail, CAP

Honorable James Mattis, Gen RET

Maj Justin MacKellar, CAP

Col Fred R. Rosenberg, CAP

Capt Nancy Nottingham, CAP

C/CMSgt Max Webb, CAP

Col Michael Tyynismaa, USAF