Business Communication Exam 3 Pt.2


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Match the text blocks.

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Match the text


Online Databases

Open- Ended Questions

Primary Research

Serach Engines

Secodary Reaearch


Web Directories

Area Chart

Bar Chart

Bubble Diagram


Data Visualization

Descriptive Title


Gantt Chart


Informative Title

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a diverse class of displays that can show eneromous sets of data in a simple or show text and other complex information visually

the number that occurrs more often than any other in a smaple

online compilations of newspaper, magazines, hour als, and other information sources

new research done soecifically for the current project

process diagram that illustrates a sequence of events from start to finish

online lists of websites selected by human editors

another name for a surface chart

title that simply identies the topic of am illustration

diagrams that contain visual and textual information to function as independent, standalone documents

qeustions withiut simple, predetermined awnsers; used to solicit opinions, insight, and information

chart that portrays quantities by the height or lenght of its rectangular bars

online serach tools that identify individual webpages that contain specific words or phrases you?ve asked for

the best known type of time line chart

Research done previously for another purpose

title that highlights the conclusion to be drawn from the data

brief summary or explanation that accompanies a visual

repeatable patterns taking place over time

chart that expands the sactter diagram idea of threw variables, with the size of the bubble